Environmental Legislative Training

How would non-compliance
impact your bottom line?


Compliance with Environmental law is increasingly becoming more important in running your business sustainably. In fact, non-compliance can lead to heavy fines, closure of your operations and even jail time. Ultimately, the costs associated with the identification and addressing of risks far outweigh the potential costs of addressing legal non-compliance afterwards.

In light hereof, Inlexso (Pty) Ltd will be presenting a 3 day environmental law training programme.

Join Morné Viljoen, Legal Consultant at Inlexso for an in-depth understanding of the Environmental Laws governing your organisation and the risks involved for non-compliance

Course outcomes:

  • Understand and implement the major Environmental laws:
      • National Environmental Management Act (NEMA)
      • National Environmental Management: Waste Act (NEMWA)
      • National Environmental Management: Biodiversity Act (NEMBA)
      • National Environmental Management: Protected Areas Act (NEMPAA)
      • National Environmental Management: Air Quality Act (NEMAQA)
      • National Water Act
      • Heritage Resources Act
  • Common Law
  • Understand the real risk that environmental non-compliance represents to entities and natural persons
  • Responsibly manage environmental legal risk

13th- 15th June 2022

8h30 to 15h30

R6000.00 pp
Excl VAT

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