Company Secretarial Services

In today’s business environment, every organisation, regardless of size, must comply with a pyramid of legislation, administrative rules and regulations in terms of the Companies Act of 2008. Non-compliance may result in running the risk of punitive fines, reputational damage, company deregistration or even criminal prosecution. By outsourcing the onerous and time-consuming statutory and administrative red tape, you can be secure in the knowledge that your company is compliant with its statutory responsibilities.

How can we add value to your business?

We offer a comprehensive corporate secretarial function that is tailored according to each client’s requirements and expectations.

We can assist, whether you want advice on the most appropriate vehicle through which to conduct business, want to create or deregister a company, make statutory changes or want to save time and money by outsourcing a part or the full company secretarial service.

Our proactive team will take care of the demaning legislative and regulatory require-ments applicable to your company and will provide ongoing compliance, statutory and administrative support and advice.

Company Secretarial Services

  • Formation and registration of public, private and not for profit companies
  • Formation, amendments and registration of trusts
  • Amendments to company information and lodgement to CIPC
  • Electronically maintain statutory records and registers required in terms of the Companies Act, 2008
  • Submit annual returns and financial statements to CIPC
  • Prepare written director and shareholder resolutions
  • Maintain directors declarations in terms of section 75(5) of the Companies Act
  • Meeting Management, inclusive of drafting agendas, preparing meeting packs, attending meetings, drafting minutes and action reports
  • Draft and amend Memorandums of Incorporation
  • Draft board charters and terms of reference for board and committees
  • Provide guidance in terms of statutory and regulatory requirements
  • Convert companies and close corporations
  • Assist with deregistration and voluntary liquidation of companies
  • Assist in reinstating deregistered companies
  • Directors Training

Our Experience:

Our professionals have assisted various industry sectors with corporate secretarial services, such as mining, industrial, steel manufacturing, pension funds, health and tertiary institutions and have dealt extensively with non-profit organisations and environmental trust funds.

Training & consulting available on all services