Document Review Due Diligence Document Management

Data, data management, data analytics and data mining are concepts that have become a significant concern and focus within each sphere of business. Businesses, governmental institutions and individuals are becoming more aware that the proper understanding, management and utilisation of data are crucial in unlocking more efficient business processes, increased productivity which in turn establishes a sustainable platform for conducting business.


As part of our innovative legal solutions we assist clients in unlocking true value from their stagnant data by deploying state of the art technology in conjunction with subject matter experts.

The utilisation of technology enables us to extract, review and analyse data in a fraction of the time traditionally associated with bulk data review, whilst ensuring that the quality of the results is of the highest standard.

All of our innovative legal solutions are founded on four fundamental drivers, namely:

  • Quality
  • Efficiency
  • Adaptability
  • Value
  • We offer a fit-for-purpose innovative solution which addresses the individual needs of each client.

Our solutions are specifically based upon adaptability as we are able to integrate into a client’s internal team, external advisors alternatively to provide a fully outsourced service offering consisting of the following:

Document Review

  • Collection of hard copies
  • Sorting of physical and electronic data sets
  • Scanning of hard copies
  • Electronic storage of data sets
  • Extraction of relevant fields/sections of information contained in data sets
  • Reporting in various formats and structures depending on a client’s requirements

Due Diligence

  • Virtual Data Room Hosting
  • Facilitation of due diligence questions and answers
  • Review of agreements through the utilisation of state of the art technology in conjunction with legal specialists
  • Reporting on risks identified from data review
  • Subsequent specialised legal solutions in addressing identified risks, facilitation and negotiation of transactions:
    • Drafting of all transaction related documents, including commercial agreements
    • Implementation of transaction on a project management basis
    • Ad hoc specialist legal advice, including:
    • Property and Mining Law
    • Environmental Law
    • Commercial Law
    • Competition Law
    • Finance and Banking Law
    • Health and Safety Law
    • Agricultural Law
    • Renewable Energy Related Law

Document Management

  • Identification of relevant required fields of information from data sets by means of data review and analysis utilising state of the art technology in conjunction with subject matter experts
  • Extraction of relevant/required fields of information from data sets
  • Incorporating relevant/required fields of information from data sets in document management system (client’s existing system, client’s preferred system or Inlexso managed system)
  • Management of client’s data, reporting on status of data and relevant trigger events
  • Providing notifications on trigger events