Health and Safety Training, Auditing and Consulting

Workplaces cannot ignore mandatory actions stemming from the various Health and Safety legislation. This leaves many of our country’s assets and our working population of about 11 million exposed and at risk. Health and Safety legal requirements imposed on employers in South Africa are vast and complex.

How can we add value to your business

Together with the fact that there has been an increase in the on-going development of OHS laws and regulations, coupled with their enforcement in recent years across Southern Africa, places an increased responsibility on businesses to assess their OHS compliance status with applicable legislation, and to periodically report to the authorities.

Available courses and consulting services:

  • Legal Compliance Audits
    (SA National, Provincial & Local By-Laws)
  • Legal Consulting Services
    • Drafting of Formal Legal Opinions
    • Interpretation of OHS Legislation
    • Drafting of Legal Appointment Letters
    • Limiting Liability
  • Legal Compliance Training
    • Legal Liability Training
    • (ECSA & SACPCMP Validated)
    • Legal Liability & Construction Regulations Combined Training (SACPCMP Validated)
    • Legal Liability & HCSR Combined Training
    • Legal Liability & GMR Combined Training
    • OHS Act & Regulations In-Depth Training
    • OHS Act & Generic Regulations Training
    • OHS Act Legal Compliance Auditors Training
  • Health & Safety Training
    • HIRA, Incident Investigation, SHE Representative
    • First Aid (Level 1-3), Fire Fighting, Emergency Preparedness (not limited to this list)

Our Experience

Occupational Health and Safety Training, Auditing and Consulting.

We have experience in a wide variety of Health and Safety courses as well as consulting services which include OHS Legal Liability, as well as OHS Legal Compliance Audits and drafting of legal appointments.

Training & consulting available on all services


Inlexso offers awareness training, informing delegates of legal responsibilities and liabilities and is not aimed at contributing towards a qualification and therefore has no associated NQFLevel credits. For this reason, Inlexso is not accredited with any SETA. None of the training courses that Inlexso offer is prescribed by legislation as requiring accreditation. However, our OHS Act Legal Liability is registered with SACPCMP & ECSA for CPD points and our combined OHS Act Legal Liability and Construction Regulations course is registered with SACPCMP for CPD Points.