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Natural Resources

If we were to say the word “environment” to an ordinary citizen, in the present day, this brings to the fore thoughts of green, catch phrases like ‘global warming’, ‘energy efficiency’ and ‘sustainable development’. In line with ordinary citizens focus, the last century has seen a significant shift in industry awareness towards environmental sustainability, which has justified the need for a growth of specialist in this arena of law.


Due to the global climate in which industry functions, the acute awareness of average citizens of the “Environmental Rights” and let’s not forget businesses moral obligations to future generations, compliance with Environmental law has become an absolute necessity. In South Africa, and globally, non compliance with Environmental Law can have very severe consequences which can reach far beyond the corporate veil of a business.

Currently, in industry, the word ‘environment’ can bring forward nightmarish images of long protracted enviro-legal processes, intense environmental obligations and significant increase in project expenditure.

How We Can Help You

In collaboration with our existing clients we have identified predominant enviro-legal  hurdles experienced by industrial business and have  put together a team of  Environmental Legal  experts, geared to address  these and other obstacles in the environmental legal industry .

Natural Resources Legal Services:

  • Advice on all Environmental Legal Aspects
  • Environmental Auditing and SHE Compliance
  • Due Diligence Assessments
  • Litigation and Assistance with Administrative Processes
  • Environmental Impact Assessment & Appeals
  • Public Participation- public relations officer (PR officer and meeting co-ordinator)
  • Tender Evaluation
  • SHE Training and Capacity building
  • Post Authorisation Management
  • Project Finance and IFC and Equator principles

Our Experience

  • Legal Due Diligence (Environmental Liability)
  • Environmental and Mineral Resource Project Lifecycle Compliance
  • Legal Memorandums – various technical aspects of Natural Resource Law
  • Environmental License Applications and Enforcement Processes
  • Mining Rights Applications and Enforcement Processes
  • Specific Environmental Management Act (SEMA) Compliance
  • ISO 14001 Environmental Legal Evaluation Audits- Manufacturing, Mining and Production Sectors
  • Environmental Gap Analysis Audits – Manufacturing, Mining and Production Sectors
  • Specific Environmental Aspects Audits- Air, Water, Waste , Biodiversity
  • Litigation involving Environmental Right representing Applicant or Respondents
  • Significant experience in Environmental Administrative Appeals


We offer training courses pertaining to all aspects of natural resources law. For detailed information on current and future training sessions please see our training schedule.

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