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We assist higher education institutions in the drafting of and commenting on the various institutional policies, rules, regulations, delegations, statutes etc. applicable to them.

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We assist with the negotiating, reviewing and drafting of various types of agreements. We provide contract law related services to all academic and support services departments.

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Our expertise and experience in corp- orate law, general commercial law, governance and compliance enables us to provide the required services in these fields.

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We assist in all Employment Relations (ER) and Human Resource (HR) related matters. On the basis of our affiliation with the AHI Employers Organisation we are able to represent higher education institutions at the CCMA cost effectively and efficiently.

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We are able to represent higher educa-tion institutions with distinction in various tribunals such as the Human Rights Commission, The Public Protector, the Commission for Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration, the National Consumer Commission, the South African Football Association, the Premier Soccer League Arbitration Committee, the Varsity Cup and other regulatory bodies

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We assist higher education institutions with their research contracts and other intellectual property related matters and have a specific understanding of the intellectual property rights legis-lation applicable to higher education institutions.

Training & Consulting available:

  • Occupational Health and Safety Training
  • Disciplinary Hearing training (Chairpersons & Initiators)
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We continuously strive to provide opinions and general advisory work of outstanding quality to the sector.

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We assist Universities with great success in litigious matters in various courts.

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